Street Hassle Group Art Show
June 2011
Fransen Gallery – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Art Party Group Show
June 2012
Art Church – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Art Party 3 Group show
January 2014
Rusty Crane Gallery – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Street Dogs Group Foto Show
July 2016
Casa Batsú – San José, Costa Rica

John Hope Franklin National Symposium on Reconciliation
May/June 2017
Hyatt Hotel – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Examining Change: A Photographic Examination of North Tulsa
June 2017
Living Arts Gallery – Tulsa, Oklahoma



Wiener Hund – The Story of the Beloved Viennese Dog
April 2012
GitWit Gallery – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Selections from Obsessive Observations
September 2016
Alte Lederei Koeln – Cologne, Germany

Selections from Obsessive Observations
January 2017
Chimera Gallery – Tulsa, Oklahoma